WHY Student Accommodation is a better option than renting a Private Space?


WHY Student Accommodation is a better option than renting a Private Space?

By Tasneem S. Pocketwala   |   Posted on April 30, 2015
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Leaving home for university can be extremely daunting. But it’s also a step further away from the comfort zone and a step into the real world. And besides, your pick of University may not always be close to home. As you mull over the discipline of your choice and are embroiled in the admission processes, you might also want to consider what sort of accommodation you would prefer.

While options are wide and plenty, whether they are private housing, living as a paying guest or sharing an apartment, opting for student accommodation has more advantages that you’d think. Here’s why choosing student accommodation over other options ­might just turn out to be the best decision you’ve made.

 Student Housing is relatively cheaper and loads of fun

Let’s face it: education today isn’t exactly the cheapest institution. Tuition fees are rocketing sky high, there’s the cost of books, stationery and the multiple photocopies you’ll be taking to account for, and then there’s just the cost of living.

Student housing helps combat the eternal financial muddle every student finds himself or herself in.
  • The rent will be much lower
  • Electricity Bills, Water Bills, and Wifi will be inclusive of rent.
  •  Insurance and some companies offer payment plans that make the costing much simpler and very affordable.
  • Moreover, amenities like gyms are also made available where you can meet and make friends with a variety of other students.
  • Indeed, this is the best part of student accommodations: with so many students housed under one roof, you can be more than sure there will be something going on in the social scene every weekend!
  • Student halls often become sites for various student activities and for casual social gatherings. There will be always something fun to do with other students and have a great time.

A taste of Uni life

Student accommodation is the best way to experience Uni life in its fullest. A lot goes on in terms of the student body and student activities at the university, and with so many students around you, you’ll be more aware of the happenings in the university and get a better chance at opportunities.

Student life can be maddening, hectic and very stressful. What with all the load of assignments, papers and exams, it will threaten to drive you mad. But you won’t be alone: several other students will be there in the same position as you, and provide support and comfort. Your seniors will also be there to give you all the tips and advice you’ll need to course through Uni smoothly.

Life changes for the better, your routine will include some of this:

There will be no home to go to and slouch in front of the TV when the day is over. After classes are over for the day, you go back to a new room in a new place where you have to do your own chores. Your own chores involve cooking, cleaning, laundry, and keeping up with your course! 

Even in terms of handling interpersonal relationships and making friends, living at a student accommodation will expose you to people from all over the world who have come to London for different reasons! You get to learn so much from people who come from different backgrounds, and it really just widens your entire perspective towards life and sometimes you realise how priveledged you really are ! Student accomodation often has student lounges where everyone comes to chill. 

This is also a great place to try your hand at new things, and learn from and teach your housemates new skills and hobbies. Even if its as simple as teaching eachother your own native dishes! 
University life is one of a kind; it’s a precious chapter of life that (usually) comes but once. Opting for student accommodation will be, overall, a great investment. You are sure to have lots of fun, make the best of friendships that last long after college and get a full taste of student and university life.

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