What to Expect when Kanye becomes President...


What to Expect when Kanye becomes President...

By   |   Posted on September 01, 2015
As you all may have heard, it has officially been declared by the man himself, Kanye West will be running for President in 2020. At first, I think most people can agree - we all thought this was one big joke, perhaps a publicity stunt...but then It hit us all, Kanye West could end up becoming the president of the United States of America. 

To be fair, if Donald Trump can run for President, I don't see why Kanye West can't. Donald Trump has already proven to be quite an unapologetic person who openly talks shit about immigrants and black people. I mean, The United States of America is made up of every single race, religion, community, and culture - how could you possibly single out a certain race or culture and blame them for "Taking away jobs that Americans should have" or to go onto saying, "Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won't see another black president for generations"...Think again Trump.


Let's talk about some of the potential benefits of having Kanye West as the President:
  • Great campaign gear with some yeezy swag, and hopefully we all get a pair of yeezys too!
  • Marijuana would perhaps be legalized all over the states...I mean he did just smoke some before announcing his application to Presidency!
  • A potential Keeping Up with The Kardashian's White House edition..? Honestly I think that would be pretty damn entertaining - as if the Kardashians don't already have a big enough following.
  • There will be a much more open attitude towards the gay, lesbian, transgender communities. Equality for all. I say this because of his acceptance towards Caitlin Jenner. And chances are that there will be more effort to raise awareness in scenarios where transgenders and gay people aren't accepted the way they should be. 
  • The Freedom of Speech in USA will be on another league, because Kanye West believes in honesty and truth no matter what position he holds...yes he did tell everyone he smojed some mary jane before getting onto stage! 
  • Okay it's really too soon to say what he will and will not be good at doing for USA, but we can always assume right...? 

Some potential worries of Kanye West becoming the President:
  • How is he going to handle foreign affairs Brooo? We like got ISIS and Iran on our back, how is he going to handle that bruhhh?
  • What about the education system? Will it get the importance and push that it needs from Kanye to ensure that every single american citizen can get an education? I mean considering he did drop out...
  • His controversial comments can backfire, so he's really going to have to watch his mouth before causing riots.

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