Suit Up with a degree in Law!


Suit Up with a degree in Law!

By   |   Posted on July 22, 2013
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Wondering how to go about starting your life in the field of the Law? Struggling to understand steps to take to finalize your future? Trying to sort out which universities to choose from the abundance that is available? Well, here are a few ideas to help and guide you to figure at what point and where to start and what to look at.

Law gives you the awareness of what your rights and duties are as citizens of a particular country. In order to live in a society peaceably you need to know the laws of the land. If you have any grievance against bodies of the state, it is highly useful to know what the various laws state. Knowing the Law gives you an upper hand while fighting your case out in court or otherwise. Even while starting a business, laws in a way give you guidelines of what the procedures are like and this would be helpful to you in the future.

University Options

Studying Law in any one of the Universities in London or any other part of the world gives you a sight into the going-on of courts in that country . It also gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide range of career options. Some of the top universities for Law in London are the London School of Economics, Kings College, London and Queen Mary, London.

1)   Kings College of London houses some of the best Institutes for Law. The topmost is the Dickson Poon School of Law. Here over the course of three years, you’re course content will be divided into three modules. In the first year you will study required modules like Criminal Law, Public Law, and European Law. Year two will be divided into four modules and a optional module that you have to choose from. The modules are Law of property, Law of torts, Law of Trusts. Year three you will study all about Jurisprudence and Legal theory and will have to choose a core module from options given to you.

2)   Another really good college for pursuing Law is the London School of Economics. The syllabus for the LLB course is very detailed. In the first year you will be introduced to government and public law in the UK. The main topics that you will cover in the first year are Law of Obligations, Property Law, Public Law, and Criminal Law. In the second year you will have to choose an elective of your interest and in the third year you will have a compulsory course in Jurisprudence and an elective again.

If you are a student from the overseas and are planning to take a full time course in LLB then your total fee would round up to 15’768 pounds. However, if you are a student from European Union, or from the hometown, then you would have to pay 8’500 pounds

3)   The Queen Mary University, London is ranked third in London and seventh in England for Law. In the recent survey conducted by the National Student Survey, 2011 this school scored a total of 96 percent for satisfaction among students. The department of Law covers the entire scope and spectrum of legal studies. The undergraduate Law course here is of three years. In the first year you will study all about Public Law, Property Law I and. Criminal Law.  In year two subjects will be for only half module like Law of the European Union, Administrative Law, and the full module subject will include Law of Property II etc. The third unit will consist of Jurisprudence and Legal theory and an optional module that you choose from. This university charges 9’000 pounds for home and EU students. For international students, the charge for the year 2012 was £13,925.

Internship Opportunities 

One of the topmost Law institute for internships is the International Bar Association. They have an Internship on Human rights. Interns in the previous years have undertaken projects such as Research in Zimbabwe, Research on Islamic Law, Rule of Law research etc. this programme helps students get an idea of what a career in this field will be like, they act as the interface between the global legal community and the Court. They also offer internships in Criminal Law and Commercial Law.  

Another good company to intern at is the Allen & Overy Company. They have a number of opportunities for school students for work experience. They provide a series for training and also sessions for networking thus equipping the students to branch out into a career in the hosen field.

Irrespective of what one decides to do, it is imperative that students be aware of the stiff competition that they will face with regards to seats and should also have knowledge and passion for the subject they choose to pursue a career in.

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