Open Days- Should You Attend?


Open Days- Should You Attend?

By Divya Jose   |   Posted on June 17, 2015
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So, what exactly is the point of attending open days?

Well, firstly, they really are not that bad. In fact, they can be the first enjoyable step towards a fantastic university career. But do try to remember that you are not the only person in the history of open days, whose parents actually asked a question in a room full of seventeen year-olds. So do try not to curl up under your plastic (generally uncomfortable chair) from sheer embarrassment, when the admission tutor asks: "Any questions?" Besides you may need to know the answer!

For those of you who are unconvinced of the merits of attending an open day, read on.....


Here are some reasons why you SHOULD attend one!:
You may already know which course you are applying for, so an open day gives you the opportunity to meet with faculty and get a better understanding of the course.
If you are undecided, it helps you pick a course that is better suited to you and better understand its long term benefits. 
While picking the right course is important, knowing the facilities offered by the university is equally important. At an open day you can visit the library, see the halls of residence and enquire about the student union. 
What better way to find out about the university than by talking to its students. At an open day you get to hear about life at the universitystraight from the horse's mouth!
Going to college can be a daunting ordeal especially when you don't know anyone. At an open day you can meet with other prospective students and make new friends!

While you may build up an impression from reading the university or college's literature, there's no substitute for seeing a place for yourself. Many students say it was visiting the place on an open day that helped sway them towards their first choice.

So even as opn-day season begins, shake off your apprehensions and go visit your preferred colleges as the first step of a fun and exciting college career!

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