Make your pocket your new Hotspot for £20


Make your pocket your new Hotspot for £20

By Alastair Pavrey   |   Posted on January 03, 2015
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Need a quick-fix for your Internet woes? Why not try the Relish Broadband service starting at only £20/month. UK Broadband has launched a 4G home and mobile broadband service – Relish, to meet all your Internet needs. The service is offered on short-term contracts which gives flexibility to the user with the added benefit of not paying for any landline related costs.

There are lots of ways to connect. Home broadband can be installed quickly and provides easy access at home through the ‘Indoor Hub’ that can
  • connect to 25 Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • provide speeds upto 50 mbps.
  • Support various platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC, etc as well as compatible browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
The Pocket Hub is part of the mobile broadband service that gives you a walking Wi-Fi hotspot on the go, browsing your favourite social platforms and websites easily while you roam the streets of London. The packages include data limits upto 20GB and you can hook up to 10 devices at a time.

The Home Unlimited 30 day or 12 month plan costs £20/month which includes a £50 upfront device cost for the 30 day contract but is free on a 12 month plan.
The Mobile Broadband connection will cost you £10-£35/month depending on the data usage of mobile broadband offering the same benefits as the Home broadband.

You can qualify for a £5 per month discount if you opt for a dual home and mobile broadband package and overall can help you save about £100-£150 compared to plans offered by BT broadband, Sky and TalkTalk, among others.

For more information related to broadband packages call 0330 686 6000.

The service comes with a two-week money back guarantee, which can be delivered the next day in central London when ordered before 4pm Monday to Friday. The Relish Broadband service is launched as a solution to the unnecessary ‘landline tax’ that consumers end up paying due to owning a landline, according to a study published by Centre of Economics and Business Research

TIP: Relish Broadband is only available in Central London area defined as within the perimeters of Old Street, Kensington, Canary Wharf and Southwark. Relish has a coverage checker on their website, so make sure you look up your postcode beforehand.

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