Filmmaker's Foundation Certificate


Filmmaker's Foundation Certificate

By   |   Posted on September 06, 2015
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The following course will offer filmmaker's with all the necessary hardware needed for their first film, be it short or feature films. 

Mainly for beginner filmmaker's intent to get a vision and become aware of the processes involved in producing a film, it will certainly please all your fancies to make your first short or feature film, or to progress your filmmaking understanding, so as to make your living as a filmmaker.

In this course, five subjects will be covered in five weeks with one subject being taught per week. In the first week, you will expand on your tools, which are required to turn your script into a special story. Coming into week two, certain skills, which will help a director make the typical seem remarkable will be taught. During the third week, lessons on finding a cast, methodologies on the set and also basics of camera placement and shooting will be focused upon. Moving onto week four, lessons on how to choose the right tools and make the most use of it for the edit of your movie will be taught. The final week will emphasise on lessons like bestowing oneself and also on other lessons like how to break into the film industry.

This course promises a lot of laughter, fun and excitement. It is also a  great course to meet new people and discover new ways to converse.

Course Fee: £198
For payments and more details: Click here

September 8, 2015, five Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm

Raindance FIlm Centre
10a Craven Street 
London, WC2N 5PE

Charing Cross and Embankment


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