ETHOS – Review on the NEW spring MENU tasting!


ETHOS – Review on the NEW spring MENU tasting!

By   |   Posted on April 06, 2015
Semi casual
Address: 48 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX
Phone: 020 3581 1538
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 10 pm, Saturday 10 am – 10 pm, Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm
Dinner served: Yes, breakfast to dinner is served.
Transport: Oxford Circus & Tottenham Court Road is the nearest Tube Station
Price: You pile on whatever items you want on your plate from the buffet and they weigh it, according to the weight of your plate you get charged! HOW cool.

The restaurant itself had a great atmosphere, everything was well spaced out, wasn’t too loud and the service was really great. Décor of the restaurant was really nice; upon arriving you see a huge variety of food waiting for you and all you need to do is grab a plate or a take-away box and fill the box with any kind of food you see and then they weigh the amount of food you have taken and that is how much you pay! So you can try a variety of different food!
Aubergine Meatballs : No meat obviously, the filler was a unique kind of cheese which tasted pretty good, didn’t taste much of the aubergine and it was a little dense however definitely something to try out. This isn't something you can eat in large quantities because it can be very heavy. The sauce is actually the best part of the Aubergine Meatball.
Pumpkin Fritters: Surprisingly it isn’t sweet whatsoever even if the main ingredient is pumpkin. Its quite light and a nice side dish for any main course.
Farfallé à la crème: This dish is completely vegan! It had an undertone taste of mushroom and the pasta sauce was very creamy. The texture was great as well and definitely something you could eat in a large quantity because it was that delicious. A definite recommended dish. 

Moroccan Chickpeas: This is a cold dish that is on the sweeter side. This all depends on your specific taste, whether you enjoy savory meals or not. 
Sesame Korean Tofu: The vegetables are slighty overcooked for my liking, and is flavoured with Asian spices. It however entirely depends on how you prefer your vegetables. The taste nonetheless was great although my least favourite part was the tofu, which I felt spoiled the taste of the entire salad. 
Cuban Salad: This salad was very fresh with pieces of avocado, pineapples and a sprinkle of pine nuts. There was a slight undertone of spice which is a big contrast to these 2 fruits but a great blend when put together! 

Carrot Cake: This cake was delicious; The cake had the right amount of sweetness to it, mostly all in the frosting. The cake on its own was just as good, a little dense but easy to finish up. Definitely recommended. 
The Red Smoothie: This smoothie contained chili, ginger, mango, strawberry, and mint. The best part of the smoothie was that it wasn’t cold. It was sweet in the start and then towards the end you taste the chili and the ginger. The ginger really attacks the throat, great for a bad throat, cold, or cough. 
Green Smoothie: Mint, cucumber, lime and lemongrass; this drink was delicious and sweet with a blend of pineapple, which was just used to make the smoothie thicker - whatever it was it worked well and tasted delicious. Just like the red smoothie there was an undertone of spunk to it and that came from the lemongrass. Neither of the smoothies contained sugar! 
There were a large variety of foods from all around the world and they all went wonderfully together. And NOW they serve breakfast too from 8am - everything ranging from delicious pancakes to fruit platters! 


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